Missing Components / switch lite

Hey everyone. I picked up a water damaged switch lite recently, and tore it all down cleaned up the corosion etc. It had a shorted and destroyed ribbon connector from the main board to daugter board. This i fixed , and in the process of using hot air to remove and install the connector i managed to lose somr components on the bottom of the board. Didnt realize until i started it up. I got sound and every button worked ( my connector replacement was successful ) however the screen was black . After charging it for a while now nothing works and it will not turn on. I tore down again, and after inspection noticed the missing components. See photo .

If anyone can provide info on the circled components, please do so ! Dead in the water until i find some replacements. And if anyone has a unfixable motherboard i will gladly purchase the components from you. Thanks for taking the time to read my woes


For some reason i am unable to upload a photo , does anyone know how