Missing Diodes / Resistors?

Hello all!

So i’m trying to make my quarantine as quick as possible So I bought myself a PS4 with a broken HDMI port the pads are still intact it’s just the middle plastic bit of the port has snapped off, I have some experience with hot air / soldering already, upon closer inspection the board appears to be missing 3 components, two I believe to be a DJ diode?


Will the console work without these?

If not what are the names of each component so I can start my shopping list.


Console won’t work without those, i have searched those diodes but haven’t found them, so i took them from a donor board…

Thanks my guy, after vegetating on youtube I found out that I will need a 2k resistor and some form of protection diode, which I haven’t found out what spec is needed for that though

Edit: the black things are recrifiers purchased some of these aswell hopefully I can make this work