Missing resistor by FT9CJ


I am working on a Nintendo Switch lite that boots to the Nintendo logo then turns off. So far i have found one missing resistor around the FT9CJ touch controller. Can anyone help me with the value of this resistor.

Thanks in advance


Asking here because I can’t make my own thread. But does ANYONE have this resistor value? I’ve scoured the internet for days now and all I can find is dead end threads of people asking what it is and getting no reply.

I just poked at it with a meter, not sure if it is a resistor or some sort of filter. Anyways, got .3 ohms and looking at the board layers, its not attached to anything but that cap which feeds into the FT9

sorry im not much help beyond this and dont have the time to take the passive out of circuit to see if anything changes.

That’s a Ferrite Bead/inductor there from my off circuit measurement is around 150nH. Not as accurate as capacitance or resistance reading since I don’t have those pricy bench style 100MHz LCR meter or multimeter. My LCR tweezer gives me 100mOhm impedance reading and 150nH ish inductance at 10KHz setting.

Thanks guys! Yeah a user on the gbatemp forums posted an image showing it is a 150nH inductor too so that sounds right!

That’s me posting the img LOL

LOL! Nice. I recognise your profile picture now haha. Thanks again