Missing resistor value

Hello, does anyone know what value this resistor is supposed to be? Couldn’t find it anywhere and I’m guessing it’s not 100k because the size is 0402 when all the others are 0201. Thanks!

EDIT: It doesn’t allow me to upload the image “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” Any ideas?

Upload your pic at a external hoster and post the link with an additonal charcter in front.
‘_https://…’ for example.


1k ohm_0402 discharge resistor

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Hello i have a Problem too.
I dont know which caps those are please help me
Why i cant upload pics?

_https://… ibb…co/vZPn1Yc
_https://… ibb…co/ydCwmNc
_https://… ibb…co/PzJTkL9

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pic1= 100nF 5v 0201 capacitors
pic 2&3 = 27k ohm 0201 resistor

Can i use for the first one a 6.3v 0201 100nf capacitor?

For sure, any rate higher than 4.3v should work