Missing Transisors/Mosfets

Hi, some time ago I bought a defective switch v1 that was missing parts. I have now replaced almost all of the missing parts (M9, Nand, etc.) but two transistors or mosfets are missing from the board. Does anyone know the specifications?


Sounds like you’ve purchased a donor board

You know without the original EMMC you won’t be able to boot stock right?

Sorry can’t help here as I’ve never taken the time to identify them and much like the person you purchased the Switch board from, I’d take them from a donor :frowning:

Maybe someone else will have some clues :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that, but Hekate should still load and you could rebuild the nand

Yes, at the beginning I just wanted to practice SMD soldering with the board, but now I’m obsessed with getting the board running again :sweat_smile:

Not the original nand to boot stock standard… you can use a donor nand from another unpatched Switch (or maybe get one from elsewhere if possible, not sure on this never done it) but the are some pretty big caveats to doing this afaiui

Haha, good on ya, have you tested it up to this point? never know, they might only relate to something external


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Thank you :innocent:

If you find XF label on same location, that’s Toshiba RN1406 in Substitute. The DTC043ZMT2L goes to label in “42”

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Unfortunately, since there is no transistor, I don’t have a label, but it’s good to know, thank you very much :+1:

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the one on the A section should have same part in G section(close to backlight drive), unless you missing both of them LOL

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