mmcblkNX - Hardware eMMC reader capable of reading HAC-EMMC raw partitions including boot0

Here an interesting project I found and will hopefully test shortly…
Can create full NAND backup without the need of a modification.

As I cannot share a link you can search for mmcblkNX on github.

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Very cool, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

For anyone who doesn’t know, you can’t typically access boot 0 and 1 using the standard EMMC to SD adapters on standard PC’s so you typically have to rely on reading and writing this in Hekate or mounting such partitions over USB with certain payloads, which is not always possible.

Link here

I received in 3 weeks, the package was not tracked, good thing, I recommend.

@kiki0000 pointed out something which I wasn’t initially aware of.

The developer of this board has connected VCCQ up to 3.3V instead of providing local regulation of 1.8V… While most EMMC IC’s from most of the manufacturers will tolerate 3.3V on VCCQ in practce it should be noted that the majority of EMMC datasheets call for a max voltage of approx no more than 1.9V on this rail.

As such, until the developer resolves this issue, I can’t recommend this device, the entire reason for using such a tool is to recover data from what is potentially or more likely a faulty or failing EMMC module, supplying 3.3V (which will warrant almost twice the current draw in a fault condition) is somewhat risky.

3.3 volts I do not see a problem, this will not burn the memory, but 1.8 is a problem, then not all memory will work

It’s not just an issue of burning out the IC.

afaik VCCQ should be 1.8V and also represents all the control logic IE: CLK, CMD, data lines etc

If your supplying almost twice the voltage on these lines then your very likely going to run into potential read or write issues as the excess voltage has a negative impact on these lines, for example, a logical high and logical low has just been changed by almost a factor of two, how is the CLK signal altered by the higher voltage… the list goes on.

As i mentioned above the IC’s will likely tolerate this voltage… but, IMO any data that’s been dumped using it I wouldn’t personally trust due to the reasons above.

There is a reason on the Switch board it supplies both 3.3V (VCC) and 1.8V (VCCQ) to the EMMC, it’s part of the EMMC IC requirements