Modify Nintendo Dock PCB for tabletop mode

Hi Fellow Nintendo Owners,

I just got myself a dock replacement case and will like to add a feature to the case.

Did anyone ever try to modify their Nintendo dock PCB so that it charges/works in tabletop mode when docking and also able to toggle to TV mode with just a flip of a switch?

I saw someone from Youtube managed to pull this and based on the reply given, it was done by cutting off exisitng 12V trace line to a toggle switch.
I tried measuring it reference to GND from PCB ribbon connector but was unsuccessful. Maybe someone in here attempted this before. Appreciate for any advice.

P.S I know a non Nintendo charger will keep the Switch from changing to dock mode and able to charge at the same time. However, having said that, there is no power to the USBs using this method :frowning:

Hey frost, I bought this dock so I could do the exact same thing! If you’re wanting to mod your own maybe you can use this as a template and make a YT video for the rest of us to copy :stuck_out_tongue:

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(it won’t let me put a link since I’m new. Sorry.)