Most of the time no boot after Nintendo logo

I have a switch lite with weird behavior, it doesn’t boot after nintendo logo most of the time.
But sometimes, I can boot, and I have 0 default, I can play, wifi is working, I can put it on wake and wake up, but when I turn it off, the issue reappears.

The only things I’ve noticed, when I plug charger, battery logo doesn’t go green , but it charges battery anyway …

If I plug charger when switch is off, battery logo appears for few seconds, and I can’t boot after that.

Is this an issue with the charging chip ?

Thanks !

I still got issues with this switch, any help is welcome :slight_smile:

I have replaced M92 and BQ chip.

I read 0.5A on charge, and sometimes it goes up to 1.5A, and I can see battery logo charging !
I’ve tried different battery.

USB port seems OK, and is original.

You could possibly inspect and maybe replace the fuel gauge. It may be functioning enough to give an ok signal to the rest of the PMIC’s to allow boot, but not working correctly to display fuel level and charging info?? If you’re getting 15v on an official charger, and actually charging the battery, my guess is your charging circuit is just fine and your problem lies elsewhere. If your console is freezing or going to black screen after nintendo logo, you might have an issue with your nand potentially, or it may be a problem with one or more PMIC’s on the board, could be a lot of things really. You’ll need to start testing resistances and voltages at all of the big boys and see if you can find a potential problem. I’d highly suggest against blindly replacing / reflowing IC’s until you have a better idea of what may be wrong. The retrosix wiki has some pretty decent information regarding first and second stage boot checks, worth a look if you have not already.

Thanks for these informations, I’ve read retrosix wiki, and I lack some competences and stuff to do more tests but the boot table is usefull.

However I’ve found a way to boot at 100% when I press gently on this area, even if the switch is stuck after nintendo logo for minutes, it will boot

I’ve found this is bluetooth/wifi chip, but it could be a chip on the back too. What do you think ?

Very well could be the wifi chip needing a reflow. someone may have dropped the console and cracked a solder joint there. You could have also been putting some pressure on the RAM chips which sit just to the west of the WiFi chip, these have also been known to halt second stage boot.

My bad, it seems it’s not wifi chip faulty.

It’s on the other side, and it’s related to battery.

When switch is booted, if I plug charger, it goes up to 0.5A, but battery icon does’nt change (like no charger is detected). And when I press the board, charge goes up to 1.3a, and battery icon goes in charge! It keeps charging if I unpress the board.
When I unplug charger, battery icon is still in charge (but obivously it doesn’t), and I have to press the board again to refresh battery status.

I feel like a solder is cracked, is it possible on a capacitor ? I don’t have a microscope to chack taht, only a multimeter.

It’s driving me nuts !

I’ve found and removed micro solder ball near MAX77620 chip, now the Switch boot and fast charge instantly !!! :grinning:


I’ve got an other issue with usb-c that charge only on one side, but I assume it was a bad soldering job (I don’t have console historic) and I’ll replace it.