Mother of all Pro problems

Short story: Nothing happens when power is pressed. Even after new working PSU.

More detail: Installed a new power supply after last one was shorted by Roaches. (Everything has been cleaned) It powered up three times on test bench and when disk was inserted it started to rumble so I turned off the console and manually removed disk from drive. Decided to plug it back in and try digital game but now nothing happens.
Not sure if caused by movement to the console to under TV. Other PS4 pro works using same cables and spares but the repaired one doesn’t work with any.
There is no beep, no flash, no hard drive spooling, nothing at all.

Not sure if necessary but “Long Story”:

I got this PS4 Pro from a guy who had a bad trade (traded his One S for the Pro), turns out it has a roach infestation and didn’t work. It would beep but turn off. He made a post about it on FB market place and said it was garbage. So before he threw it away I asked if I could have it and he did give it to me for free. I first noticed the system has been opened before due to the prongs on the back where broken off and the hard drive was missing it’s screws and was loose in the garbage bag he put it in. But I ended up having to remove over 60 roaches from the thing and clean it and noticed one had popped on a part of the PSU. So I ordered a new one for the system and when I replaced it it booted up fine. I performed an update and got several games to download. (Didn’t even think to put a disk in.) Games played fine, no load fan noises and didn’t over heat. But then I remembered I didn’t test a disk and put one in and Jesus did it rattle. The disk didn’t eject and just made clicking sounds so I turned of the console and unplugged it and manually removed the disk and it came out. But as soon as I plug it in nothing happens. I tried a new power cable, HDMI cable, and tried putting the disk into the bay to see if it would boot up but nothing is happening. Not sure if the movement of turning it over to remove the disk broke something or not or just the new PSU is now dead.

Sorry for the long story but it’s been absolute hell.

That’s a hard one but I’d try another power supply. No way to know if that’s the problem or not but it could be.

Is there a way to test the power supply with a Multimeter safely. I have one.

The console is a cuh-7115b model.
The power supply is a ADP-300ER.

I just installed a new power supply today and when I hooked up the power cable I heard a tick.
The console still does nothing.

Sounds like bad mobo happened to mine with a roach infestation it’s sat on my desk in peices at the moment awaiting new parts I found major burns on the mobo especially by the sata connector and power prongs

Dang, I cannot find any motherboards for my model on sale anywhere. I guess I’m out of luck then.

There are a few fuses on the MB that could prevent it from turning on, would need to check with with a meter to see if they have been blown. I think on they can be identified on the board starting with F6. Also I think their might be fuse in the PSU but not sure on that and if you here a tick or a pop maybe that fuse is being blown, take it apart and make sure nothing is shorting out…somewhere…not much but hope that helps a little

There is a fuse in the ps4 psu sony isn’t a cheapest company like Microsoft