MotherBoard Ram Slot

Built my own pc, jammed my ram a little too rough. now pc wont post

did it post before? or is it a fresh build? have you tried reseating the ram? is the ram slot damaged? sometimes ram needs good pressure to seat and will make a kind of concerning snap sound when it seats.

Remove the ram DIMM from the slot and check each pin (both sides) to make sure none are missing or badly damaged.
Next check your DIMM slot for any damage. You may need to use the camera zoom on your phone to have a close up look. Almost all mobos have more than one DIMM slot so try the memory module in another slot if you have one available.

It’s a small chance but remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes then replace it. Hopefully it will post for you.

It’s easy to think you damaged ram by pushing to hard, but as long as you put equal pressure on both sides of the DIMM when inserting you shouldn’t have any issues.