Motherboard Upgrade

I have a PS4 Pro CUH 7015B with the blue light of death. It is, otherwise, in excellent condition. I searched for a replacement motherboard, NVA-001, and all I can find are used and expensive. I also found brand new boards for under $100 that are for the later models CUH 72XX. These boards also have some improvements from the first gen boards and seem to have the same form factor. It appears they should drop right in to the older model case without need for any mods. I also looked at the various power supplies and all PS4 Pro PSUs have identical power output ratings. Also PS4 Pro motherboard is not married to optical drive,

Does anyone know of any reason that makes this a no go?

The only thing I can think of is that maybe the power supply pinout differs, at which point I may need to upgrade the power supply as well, or rewire the connector. I am still searching for pinouts on the various power supplies, so if anyone has a source for that - much appreciated.

  • At the PSU the 5V connector is different and will not fit.
  • The disc drive cable which goes to the laser is flipped. It will cook the laser if connected the same orientation at the connector.
  • The CUH 72xx mainboard itself will not fit in a CUH70xx shell because there are different holes and partial different outlines.

Thank you so much for the awesome fast response with most excellent feedback.


So, I would need to get a new PSU, optical drive and housing - a whole new PS4 Pro.

Guess I’m either buying a new PS4 or a used motherboard. Or, sending this one off in hopes of a repair.

Now I know!