Multiple JDM 040 Faults

Heya there.

First post.
I ordered a bunch of JDM 040 controller boards off AliExpress to go into the Sunset Orange DualShock 4 I was making (before realising that the frame that came with the shell was bad).

After testing each board I ordered, I found a few problems.

1 - Had a broken gyro (just wasn’t working). How do I fix a gyro on a JDM 040 board.
2 - Board was unable to produce the colour green in the LED (definitely the boards fault, others could produce the colour) Is this due to a bad connection on the charging cable pin (it seemed to have been replaced.)
3 - Board has bad joystick values. They don’t seem to work well in the smaller ranges (only working in one axis) Is this due to bad quality joystick modules?

Can anybody help with these issues?