Multiply capacitors shorts

hi everyone
I have Nintendo Switch v1
Suddenly it wont start at all.
There is no reaction to charging. Nothing, just black screen…

But when i tried to start hekate by payload injection - hekate starts and works fine(charging also working)
When i’ve tried to start atmosphere from hekate - after atmosphere splashscreen immidiate shutdown
Starting HOS (stock) from hekate leads to black screen

I found a lot of shorten capacitors in the board

image|666x500, 50%

I’m so curious about the letter/s in the background… I just have to know, are you a pilot or something?

Anyway on to your fault :smiley: the inductor near the LCD connector is fine. Whats the resistance to ground on your other suspected short area?

Also, just to confirm you have the EMMC module and it’s not missing right?

I just have to know, are you a pilot or something?

You are absolutely right. I am a Boeing 737NG co-pilot.

Whats the resistance to ground on your other suspected short area?

I will check

From other side i suspect short circit too
12|690x461, 50%

Really interesting. So is it primarily commercial flights or private you co-pilot? I just very recently had MentorPilot (dunno if you’ve heard of him?) pop up in my youtube feed and watched a few of the accident report videos and while the subject matter can be rather grim it’s incredibly fascinating especially from your guys perspective. Feel free to tell me to shut up :slight_smile: but has there been a situation where you’ve felt uneasy or it’s been dodgy or you’ve had to put your foot down?

Also one last question on the subject and I’ll stop bugging you, I presume you use flight sims for training, how do they compare to modern videogames on the matter… Ace combat (I think it’s called) is the only one that come mind? just curious, and I suupose how do the sims compare to reality?

They would normally be in the region of about 40/50 ohm relative to ground

hm… 50ohm. i’ve just checked all capacitors. All values between 39-50.
Only 1 capacitor shows on one pin 0.3, other pin 0.6 - capacitor near the LCD connector
I suppose that i’ve made a mistake during measurement
In this case i dont even know whats wrong with my switch

in my country - it is very painfull to be a private pilot(sounds very strange). all aviation laws are absurd(for the private pilots) and for commercial too(but big business(airlines etc) can survive, one person nothing can do)
I am a commercial pilot

Very famous person in our profession. I am also subscried to his youtube channel.

Also one last question on the subject and I’ll stop bugging you, I presume you use flight sims for training, how do they compare to modern videogames on the matter… Ace combat (I think it’s called) is the only one that come mind? just curious, and I suupose how do the sims compare to reality?

SimTrainig is created to train emergency and abnormal sitiations in flight(engine fire, flaps skew, system faults), emergency descent etc… During simTraining we must train procedures first(what we have to do). Best Sims - more or less similar to real flight (but really so var to real plane behaviour in the air), you can perfom best landings in the simulator, but in takes more than 1000 flying hours to land airplane safe in the real airplane.
What about videogames, modern games are acrade(very simple), i am really enjoy flying in GTA 5 or Ace Combat or sometimes in Microsoft Flight simulator(thats good, i want to relax i dont want making my job at home))))).

I see, sounds like it’s possibly more restricted to how it maybe is here in the UK by the sounds of it

Yeah, that’s all fine

If it’s a line connected to that inductor then not a concern (negative rail)

Can you confirm the EMMC module status? and also can you provide a bit of history on the console, what led up to this point?

That makes sense

I see, yeah that was kinda my suspicion that they would be more arcady in nature. Thanks for your inisght, really interesting.

One last question (I know I said that before but I have to :smiley: )

What is the reference to “GUN FIRING” in the transcripts (if that’s the correct term) otherwise it will bug me :slight_smile:

No desktop flight sim at your desk will match the sensation of flight, you need to feel the seat move beneath your butt. If you want a simulator to experience flying you need a full motion sim but they are very expensive, more than the cost of most GA aircraft. That said, as FAGTR mentioned, flight sims can be a good way to practice procedures, and they are much cheaper than time in the seat of a real aircraft. MSFS is good for pretty graphics but the flight physics is not at all real. A lot of pilots do some recreational flying in DCS. I use DCS and MSFS. X-Plane is another one that is popular but I have not used it though I have heard it is good as a game type of sim.

Swich worked fine. I’ve used it for 2 years. Few month ago i had to shut down my switch and put it far away(lack of time). AutoRCM was off(i’ve checked 100%), i know that can be problems with deep battery discharging when AutoRcm is on.
Then after 2 month I realized that my switch battery was totally discharged(AutoRCM was off) I charched switch as usual. And few hours gaming was normal after charging.
Then i again shut down my switch, and after that my switch doesnt start.

EMMC i cant check now,but i think EMMC module normal.yesterday, I’ve used hekate to perfom EMMC and prod Keys dump. No errors occured.

hm… i’ve just noticed strange values in Fuel Gauge Ic info
Battery capacity design,capacity full and capacity now values is too low

Sorry. May be i dont understand clearly your question. Or i dont know “GUN FIRING” meaning.

Really interesting, thank you for your insight… nowhere else could I get first hand experience on such a subject. What do you fly out of interst?

I don’t see anything wrong wiith the fuel gauge stats, I mean the fact it’s not reporting the capicty might be a bit strange (with original battery) but not out the ordinary… I think the thing that possibly stands out as a potential issue is the current consumption… this is a bit hit or miss tbh but you’d imagine on charge the consumption to be in the green by some margin so perhaps yours has something dragging down one of your primary rails on the board, I wish I could lead you to a specifc spot but in really could be anything

It’s in the letter of your first image background ?

I am a private pilot. Most of the time I fly my Cessna 172. I also hold a helicopter rating but since I can’t afford to own a helicopter I rarely fly one IRL these days, it’s mostly simulators.

hah ))) i did not read this letter from start to end))))

This letter calls NOTAM(NOtice To AirMen or NOtice To Air Missions)
There are special areas with different restrictions. Most of them are present on navigation charts(for example Jeppsen), but sometimes, restricted areas appears quite unxepectedly(for example military activity). Thats why NOTAM letters includes this special areas and information(the cant say directly whats is going on there). Thats why NOTAM ‘GUN FIRING’ or ‘Military activity’ appears

I looked up that plane and your a braver man than me, I would be terrified to fly in it :smiley: there used to be a commercial airline which operated these small planes, think they could house about 6 people if I remember right, no idea what model they were but we used to call them Joey planes, I remember being terrified in them especially when the lights went out :smiley: I’m sure you’ve encountered much scarier situations than that though from a pilots perspective

Thank you both for your insights on this, really interesting

I see, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

The C172 is a 4-seat aircraft. It is very popular, more of them have been built than any other airplane in history. Over 44,000 have been built since 1956 and they are still in production today. I learned to fly in this model and it’s smaller stablemate the C152 two-seater. Judging from your interest in the subject, I believe you would be fine flying in one of these. I don’t think bravery would enter into it, you would be too excited to say no. I know all these later and I can still remember the excitement I felt the first time I flew and even more so the first time I flew solo. I hope that you get an opportunity to fly for yourself. It’s like nothing else.