My Animal Crossing Edition Switch screen is already faulty?

Yesterday while I was playing in handheld mode my switch’s screen suddenly had vertical black lines across the left third, with color bleed between them that goes away on a neutral screen. I was holding the switch by the right joy con and resting the left side on my leg. I do not believe I made any sudden movements or put pressure on the left side, I do not believe I was blocking any vents. These lines look similar to LCD TVs that have issues with their connectors to me? This issue does not happen when the switch is docked, the picture is normal. I left my switch for over 12 hours, completely off, with no improvement. I’ve been trying to research if this issue has happened to anyone else before but can’t seem to find anyone who had such a large patch appear. Any thoughts? If it is heat related I’m assuming I shouldn’t play it even docked to avoid making it worse?

Forgot to add, the touchscreen is still responsive in the areas with the lines. Here is a photo: