My laptop doesn't make any sound and won't turn on, please help

I own a Gigabyte G5 KD-52US123SO. I bought it from NewEgg. The only thing I did was put more RAM into the laptop and added some NVMEs within the laptop. I transported it in a laptop bag, at destination, I set it up and used it for about a week without any problems. After a week, I put it in the laptop bag and drove back home. It was it the laptop bag in the back seat of my car for about five hours. When I set it up at home and pressed the power button. When I pressed the power button the laptop did not make any sound(s), nor did anything come up on the screen. It was dead silence, no reaction therefore I have no idea what could be the problem.

  1. Take NVME out, make sure connector clean and reinstall.
  2. Take out all memory modules out and then only install one.
  3. Start computer. If turns on then power off and add the other memory module.
  4. Start computer again. If everything starts then its ok.
  5. If not take 1st memory module out, move the 2nd memory to 1st spot.
  6. Start computer. If dosen’t start memory module is bad. If it dose start, second memory slot can be bad.