My laptop glitches and I don't know why, I already updated both of my display drivers. Still the problem still persist. After a long time it suddenly crashes the laptop and causes a black screen and return to normal. Does anyone know the problem?

btw my battery is busted, laptop doesn’t work unless its charging. If the power is cutoff, it is turn off. But I can live with that. I just don’t understand where are this glitches are coming from, I’m thinking of the gpu hardware problem. But I don’t know

a few questions for you:

does it glitch at idle or doing light tasks? or is it only crashing under heavy load? im wondering if maybe its drawing too much power and causing the system to brown out without a battery to kinda buffer the spikes. i could be wrong, but its one thing that popped into my head.

have you tried a DDU (display driver uninstaller) and starting with fresh drivers? sometimes updating drivers leaves bits of old stuff laying around and can sometimes cause an issue.

how old is the laptop? maybe the thermal paste is old and starting to cause issues? do you have HWinfo or any monitoring software installed? what are your idle temps? load temps?