My "New" 3ds keeps Crashing but only with cartridge 3ds games and only after a certain amount of loading has happened

My “New” 3ds has been broken for awhile and I have had no definite idea of what is causing the issue.
Whenever I try to play a 3ds game from a cartridge the game will crash after a certain amount of time or loading has happened. It will always crash at the end of the first level of Kirby triple deluxe and after a few doors are used in Metroid Samus Returns (which hide load screens I think). It used to say that it was a system error and would crash then restart the system. Which is wierd cause I tested it with a DS game and it had no issues at all and a downloaded copy of Mario cart 7 and those played fine!

So I took it to Ubreakifix since they said they would be able to do it and I thought they would be as thorough as Tronics however apparently not cause all they did was not listen to me at all and how I tested the issue at all and ended up just replacing the cartridge slot 3 times and ended up I think giving me a crap 3rd part one. And now if I shut the screen it will just not read the cartridge is even in there and I have to take it out a few times before it even reads.

Please help im $97 dollars in the hole and I have no clue as to what the problem is cause I cant find it anywhere on the internet at all. I also dont want to buy a new one cause this was the first console I bought for myself and I really dont need another one while this is so close to working.

Sounds to me like the issue regarding loading is coincidental and there is likely a clear issue underlying, such as, whatever power rail is used for the cartridge slot. I don’t work on 3DS systems often and could be completely wrong, but would guess 3.3V and maybe a secondary rail of 1.8V

Or the alternative, if it is indeed due to loading, then it could be a memory related issue.

have you confirmed if it has the same problems with downloaded games?

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I’ve worked on the 3DS systems a handful of times and as a result haven’t documented any in depth details regarding the power topology… feel really bad that a repair company has messed you about like this for a system which is ultimately worth about $100 used :frowning: I would have hoped they’d verify the symptoms and verified the problems were solved

Yeah in my post I said i tested it with a Downloaded Mario Cart 7 which played just fine
and what do you mean 100$ “New” 3dsXL’s are worth around 350$ on ebay

Take it that’s a buy it now price? otherwise that’s insane…

Got my new 3DS XL years ago for £80 used but maybe it’s different in US…

Anyway if you need a hand during the diagnostic process. I’m happy to help :+1:

would be great but I just dont wanna drop the money for the tools to test the board and take it apart when i that could fail and I could just pay a professional or someone experienced, and yeah no one is doing auctions now on ebay and its not in stores anymore so the market has gone up cause only collectors will buy them
but yeah its wierd since it still will play DS games np plus they dont disconnect after closing