My PS4 is making very loud noises

I have recently been playing red dead redemption 2 again on my console and I have realized that this playthrough has been really putting myself to work. Now before you say anything(clean ur PS4) I took my ps4 to a qualified person to clean my ps4 and now my ps4 is super clean. But whenever I play red dead redemption or uncharted it’s fan just becomes a jet. I also play with the air conditioner on so heat isn’t an issue. Also to answer your question when ever I feel the air that’s coming out of the console. It’s actually cool and not warm. The whole console is pretty cool and absolutely not warm. I just want to know if this is a problem or might cause my ps4 damage. If anyone knows what’s happening and what should I do. Please help me. I really can’t afford another PS4 and I can’t really get through this quarantine without my ps4.

My understanding of your post
You have had your console professionally cleaned already, but when playing Red Dead 2, the console begins to sound like a Jet engine again. Will it damage your console?

My Explanation
It is first important to understand why your fan is making noise, this is caused by the processor getting hot and the motherboard instructing the fan to speed up to help cool the processor down.

This is more likely to happen when your playing graphic intense games in 3D environments, which is perfectly normal.

However if your finding it sounding like your sat in your livingroom waiting for the “Fasten Seatbelts” sign to appear above your head and your PS4 Controller speaker starts to communicate with you the flight schedule, then this may be down to a poor service as a result of…

  • Poor quality thermal paste used (doesnt conduct heat properly)
  • Poorly distributed thermal paste, (leaving the APU to get hot in certain places)
  • Not cleaned the Heat Sink (or radiator) properly which would obstruct airflow

Its unlikely for it to be the last one, unless you was conned, but the first 2 is a posibility if your finding your console is doing this on the regular with various games, even ones that arent as demanding such as Minecraft

Will it damage my console?
Unlikely, the only time to worry is if the fan is working overtime even when idle, as persistant load can risk the fan becoming damaged in which case it will loose performance and risk the processor getting hot or if the console is overheating ie: 3 loud beeps and the status light turning a pulsating red colour, this is the time to worry about your console becoming damaged.

Until then, enjoy your game

Heyy man thankyou Soo much for the detailed explanation.

Ok so the answer to your question is.
Firstly I don’t think I was conned because i was right there when they were cleaning it. And I saw the assembly and the disassembly. Now one thing that might be possible is that the quality of thermal paste applied might be not as good or idk it was just cheap thermal paste. Because I saw the say apply the thermal paste very evenly on both the processor and on top of the heat sync.
Honestly I’m going to try and buy my own thermal paste honestly and get him to apply it to my console.
Other than that I don’t really think anything is the problem
Ok so one thing that actually might be the reason for this is.
I have had my ps4 for 3 years and I got it it’s first cleaning about a month ago.
And like the first had completely clogged up my heat sync.
The guy said that this might have possibly caused thermal degradation to the processor. So just use it on low res. And if the fan goes crazy turn it off.but I don’t get it. When I start playing rdr2 it just sounds like a jet 2 minutes in.
So am I just supposed to not play rdr2?
I don’t know man what to do. I really hope I didn’t mess up my processor.

also i like to point out that when i pause the game. the fan slows down gradually and then eventually stop. andcontinues to sound like a jet after i unpause

That sounds like thermal paste mate

Ok so I’ll just replace the thermal paste from somewhere else.

Try to ask if that person you gave to clean if he/she laying on thermal paste

Hamza, my ps4 has been running like crazy while playing be game whether it’s uncharted 4 or cod ww2 or ac Odyssey i thought it was normal untill I tried to play God of war it jus won’t go past the logo screen and Everytime turn off while beeping thrice so I took it to a lab in isb he cleaned it throughly in front of me didn’t clean the thermal paste infact applied more and mixed it with the previous paste that was there
Once assembled it still won’t run God of war
Further the guy told me that my Apu needs to be reballed again neways I dropped my console at his lab he s probably going to return it to me this week I really hope this solves the problem