My ps4 is not working and i cannot play any games at all freezez file corruption to system software and to shutting down byitself

my ps4 will turn on and all but all of a sudden the ps4 will turn off when i am playing a game and will freeze when i am playing a game and i am stressing out about this in the beginning it will not update the system then after the successful update it will freeze and turn off and i cannot play any games like call of duty it will turn off i dint touch it i dint do anything to it all i did was just update after the update it messed up everything from corrupt database to system software error to freezing to turning off itself

thats a hard drive issue, you have to replace it…!

are you sure its not something else?

impossible to be sure of a failure by just a description, but it sounds like a common hard drive failure…!! only way to know it is by testing with a new hdd…!!

are you an employee for tronics? is so can i get the official diagnostics from the guy on youtube?

actually does any internal hdd drives work with ps4

haha sorry buddy, it doesn’t work that way… this is just a forum, if you want your ps4 to be diagnosed by Steve from Tronicsfix you need to enter to, and send your console for repair…!! and it’s gonna cost you money…!! those were my last 2 cents here… good luck!