My ps4 isnt turning on properly

My ps4 is freezing on ps4 logo for 10 minutes and the screen is barely turning blue to just turn off.
I tried rebuilding database, installing system software update in safe mode and nothing changed.
I just want to know if it is from the power supply or a piece inside the ps4, so if it isnt I will initialize it even though the data will be deleted.
Can anyone help plz.

I have been doing a lot of research and I have reached out to some of the top technicians in this field and so far the bellow email I received from a extraordinarily talented You tuber Tech.
It seems to be the most likely explanation

However he is responding to my pro version not your slim model so the south bridge chips are going to be different.

"sound you’re hearing could be the relay clicking to turn off the console. From the sounds of it you have an issue with power management, and the most common cause of that would be the southbridge. The CXD90036G, CXD90042GG and CXD90046GG are all notorious for failing. Sadly it’s impossible to know what model southbridge your console has without knowing the model number but it would be one of those 3, depending when yours was released.

The southbridge basically handles some power management as well as all input and output devices such as the hard drive, disc drive, ethernet, usb ports etc.

Hopefully this can help you figure out the issue.

Thanks very much