My PS4 Makes a Weird Vibration and I Don't Know What it is

My PS4 was so well without any issue before 2 weeks ago, then my PS4 do a weird sound like vibration and i searched.Many people have it but in their cases finish at on 3 days no more so what can i do?

Could be just from the disc drive but no way to really know for sure. Be sure that it’s on a level surface and the console itself is level. If everything else is working normally I wouldn’t worry about it.

Yeah that’s the optical drive mine used to do that too it happens when the disc is moving fast don’t worry about it it’s normal I actually had to think back to remember my two originals went crazy when I was playing disc based games hard drive they were quiet as but disc based I was sure they were going to take off they vibrated that much

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Thank you so much to the tips tronicsfix and pinklightning and help me so fast

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It could also be the fan, I worked on a few where the fan started going bad a become out of balance.

my ps4 does the same thing, but there are instances where it stays on for like an extended amount of time even though fan runs loud, and overheats kinda, would be considered a heatsync problem or a fan issue?

If it’s kinda overheating you need new thermal paste because that does wear out plus mate I fixed my issue with new thermal paste the optical drive would spin up and cause vibrations but the fan was fine I knew I observed everything while playing I never reassembled it