My PS4 Pro cannot start and beeps (cannot access system software)

My PS4 Pro won’t turn on and instead beeps while giving me a screen stating cannot start PS4 and cannot access system software with the error code (CE-34335-8) all the while it blinks blue. A few weeks prior to this incident my PS4 had been giving me problems in where my PS4 wouldn’t turn on forcing me to re-initialize it as well some games would be getting corrupted data making me delete and re-download the game or rebuild the data base. I would also like to mention that I don’t think it’s a dusty hard drive as when I went to clean it, it looked pretty clean. Also I live on the west side of the USA and we had exterminated all the roaches almost a year ago so I don’t think that would be the issue. My guess is that my hard drive doesn’t work anymore and if so should I buy a new one? Any feedback would be very much appreciated!

The hard drive is most likely the issue. You could try reinstalling the system software by going into safe mode, but that might only be a temporary fix, or not work at all

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. And I already tried to set it in safe mode but for whatever reason it won’t let me so even though I want to reinstall the system software I can’t. I’ve also been looking for some hard drive replacements on amazon but I have no clue as to which one I should buy within my $50 budget. Any recommendations?

The only thing you really need to look for is the size of the hard drive, just make sure it’s a 2.5" drive, and any over 160gb will work

from these 2 which one should I get and why?

1: MaxDigitalData (MD1000GLSA6454-PS) 1TB 64MB Cache 5400RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5inch 7MM Gaming Hard Drive (for PS3/PS4) - 2 Year Warranty

2: MaxDigitalData (MD1000GLSA854-PS) 1TB 5400RPM 8MB Cache (9.5mm) SATA 3.0Gb/s 2.5" PS3/PS4 Gaming Hard Drive - 2 Year Warranty
(sorry I would send you a link to see the product on amazon but it wouldn’t let me)

I would go for the first one, because it has a higher data transfer speed. It might not be noticeable though, since I don’t remember what the max speed is that the ps4 can support.

In the end I would go for either one, it shouldn’t make a huge difference


Did replacing the hard drive work?