My PS4 Pro is doing a strange noise only during game session

Hello I have a problem with my PS4 Pro.
I don’t know where it comes but its noisy I have uploaded a video.
I disassembly the PS4 to get where it comes but it doesnt help me …
I did a youtube vidéo where you an hear the sound but I can’t share links on the forum I don’t know why ?
Thanks by advance for your help.

youtube code is H8vd4-HEew8

Is it still making the sound, the link you posted does not work. But I had an issue with a PS4 Pro that was making an buzzing…virbrating kind of sound, and at the time I was playing Doom Eternal to test it out but it only made the sound when I was playing the game, sitting at the PS4 OS dashboard, no problems nice and quiet. Start up the game bzz bzz bzz. Turns out for me it was one of the corners of the APU clamp was touching the motherboard and I guess when the fan spun up or under heavy graphics load or whatever caused it to vibrate and buzz. Once I found it and just gave it a slight tweak so no corners of the APU clam was touch the MB, quiet as a mouse.