My ps5 not working. Need help fixing it or getting it sent in to get fixed

My ps5 has been out of commission for a couple months now because of the disc drive. I tried the repair guide and it still wasnt working so i ended up tossing it. Did not know that would be a fatal mistake because i didnt know that the disc drive was married to the motherboard. Is there a way for my ps5 to get fixed?

Where is the original daughterboard then?

The disc drive is in the garbage. The only thing i have is the ps5

I apologize for the late replay. The notification that u responded got sent to my spam folder

You can turn your PS5 into a digital one, so you can pass the update.

Without the original daughterboard, there is atm no way to use another drive for installing/playing games.

How do i turn it into a digital one?

If you dump the data of the nor (bios), you can change a specific byte
(0x001C7011 = 02 (BD) / 03 (digital) ← disables BD drive)
And if you write back the dump, the console will not check for a disc drive at the update.

Wow that sounds complicated. Who do i send it to to get my situation fixed?

yes, you better off find someone do that for you, and sell the useless unmarried disc drive out for parts

how do I do that I have the bin off my bios ic

I would use: