My PS5 won't turn on

Yea all I get is a blue light. Basically one beep as I press the power on button, if I hold it it gives a 2nd beep and shuts off.

In conclusion: you had a bad psu and with the new psu you still have an additional problem on the mainboard.

When you press ‘start’ and let go, the ps5 beeps ones and starts blinking / pulsing blue light and only stops pulsing blue, if you press and hold ‘start’ again or unplug the power cord.

The light is solid blue no blinking. When I unplug it and turn it on and hold it I get one beep at the initial turn on 2nd beep the blue light flashes slightly and it turns off.

I never encountered a solid blue light…
I would check the liquid metall on the APU and for spills on the mainboard surrounding the APU.

Okay I’ve watched video on the liquid metal on the motherboard. If there were dry spots what could I use to spread it around, and if there was spills around the APU how would you clear it up.