My Switch doesn't get past the first Nintendo logo when trying to turn on

When I was packing things in my backpack I dropped my glass of water inside the backpack (don’t ask me how) and spilled water on top of my Switch because it was inside. My Switch was on and I wasn’t quick enough to turn it off before I started drying it off. I opened the back case to see how much was the damage. I dried up what I could and then left it to dry inside a bag with rice. At first it didn’t want to turn on at all but today it turns on just up to the first Nintendo logo but it turns back off immediately.

I’m not really tech-savvy but is this a sign that it’s fixable? Any help would be great!

Does it turn on when you hold volume + & volume - & press power (recovery mode from where you need to press 2x power to start it up)?

And please, PLEASE do not use rice or anything else that goes into this direction, it doesn’t help at all.
Take it apart and disconnect the battery as fast as possible in case a device falls into water

Clean the Mainboard with isopropyl alc. and also make pictures how the board looked before

I forgot to mention this happened on Monday so it’s been a couple days already. It didn’t used to turn on but now it just turns on to the first Nintendo logo when you turn on the Switch. I opened it up and dried as much as I could. It didn’t seem like a lot of water was inside though.

And when I try to go into recovery mode it won’t let me. Just goes into the first Nintendo logo and it turns back off. Would 70-80% ethyl alcohol work? Due to the pandemic isopropyl has been really hard to find over here.

Yeah, it will also work

I would clean it up and check if it wants to go into recovery mode, if not look at the picture before cleaning and look again at the worst parts

Thank you
As soon as I return to my apt I will try it out and see if there’s any difference.

Did you solve the problem?

Unfortunately I haven’t yet. I took to a local console repair shop but they said it’s unfixable. But I don’t know if it’s true or they just don’t have the knowledge and/or resources.

Most likely the latter

Since you get the nintendo logo the cpu and emmc work and you can
a) find the problem (eg. corrosion under wifi chip or stuff like that which can cause that)
b) take it to a repair shop which has the skill to put the processor onto a board with a broken one

Sometimes a shop will say “not fixable” when what they actually mean is, it’s not worth fixing, replace the MB or Tablet. However with today’s ridiculous overpricing of the Switch it is sometimes repairable for less than replacement cost or even availability. They make their mistake by not giving the customer enough info to make an informed decision themselves. We always give the customer as many choices as there are and let them decide what works for them. Customers do have a brain and it is their money.

That’s basically what I thought. The Switch turns on so I’m assuming that it’s still fixable but they either don’t know what’s actually wrong, they don’t have the resources or they don’t think it’s worth it. Like you said the switch is overpriced so it still may be a cheaper alternative than just getting a replacement but I haven’t had luck yet.