My Switch Freeze while playing a lot

At least i can hear the fan running but its too hot the switch anyway. I try putting a external fan to see if is the overheat that cause the constant freeze but cold freeze too, I appreciate some help or a possible cause of this, thx

*Sorry for my english, speak spanish

Have you taken off the back of the Switch to see if the heat sink is plugged or anything?

No I don’t. I would like to now on base of your knowledge what could be, like the fan it is running good, at least make sound and with a external fan freeze anyway.

There’s no way for me to know what it could be. I’ve not seen this issue before.

Hey there,

I once had a very unstably running switch, too. In my case it was flux or thermal paste that was not properly cleaned off the PCB after an attempted repair. A thorough cleanup of the board with IPA made the switch run like new again.
But honestly, it could be anything. Bad GDDR chips, bad SoC, damaged eMMC-module, who knows what…