My xbox isnt working

Yesterday,I tried to turn it on and it rakes alot of time and when its open the cpu videos it gliches and he grabbed me to troubleshooter. I tried to restart it but no difference,it was reading error e106, I tried to update it offline , then it stucked at applying updates ,specific at 58 restart and back to update screen and still stucked and go to troubleshooter and it say error e100. I have tried everything from updating to formatting , but every time it starup it get me to the updating screen and say installing and verifying updates is completed but doesn’t go to applying updates and it backed to troubleshooter and the same thing. Please help me I have xbox one x

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have you tried with a different xbox working hdd?

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Hi guys i finally fixed but you need to open your xbox and take out the hdd and you need to see this video (replace - upgrade your xbox one hard drive using windows) just type that in YouTube
and it will see the first video by Andrew paul this videos was super helpful and im verry happy to my xbox is getting worked again