N15-300P1A power supply repair

The power supply in my son’s PS4 Pro popped and then the whole unit went dead. I have removed the supply and verified that it has no output (nothing on the +5VSB output). There are several repair references that I have found but they are all for the ADP-300CR version of the power supply which has a visibly different power supply PCBA. On the 300CR it appears that a common failure is a resistor near the high voltage cap in the middle of the board. A similar resistor on my PCBA appears to be open (R111). It is marked F1J 0.1 ohm 76 U. It is a larger white device and I suspect a fused resistor. I am looking for any help identifying the proper cross reference to order a replacement (fuse current). If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.



that’s a fuse, if it’s marked F, is white and large, then that’s the main fuse…

Thanks for the feedback. This is not the main inline power fuse. That is a different part by the AC power entry. I checked and it is not blown. I think this is a fusible resistor in the switcher circuit. I have found something similar in a Futaba data sheet. F1J seems to indicate metal film, 1W, 5% tolerance for the 0.1Ohm resistor. Hopefully it was marginally speced for the load and will operate after replacing it. There doesn’t appear to be any other burnt/damaged components downstream or excessive debris build up on the PCBA to have caused a short. Worst case, if that doesn’t fix it then we’ll just have to buy another power supply for $100.