NEC PC Engine GT Handheld Portable System busted white screen display

So I had a NEC PC Engine GT Handheld Portable System Console for quite a long time. I think during my early years I dropped it and busted the screen as it shows a white screen when I turned it on. Also probably a plastic switch is broken but I think that will be easily fixable. I just never got around fixing it as I was not experienced during the 90s and resources to fixing things like this were scarce back then. Do you guys have recommendations on what screen I should use if I want to modernize it? But that probably means I might have mod it a bit.


I’ve got no experience with this handheld version of the console so can’t offer any specific advice so don’t know how much help I’ll be.

I’d love to get my hands on one of these one day but the price has risen quite a bit in recent years, though I do have a few variants of the standard PC engine consoles so I suppose I have some semi experience.

I’d probably start by recapping it completely, using quality caps (my preference would be Panasonic) as it’s of the age and era where the caps will be bad (even if they test fine in basic testing) I’d avoid recap kits which often just toss the crappiest quality caps into a baggy or are potentially using knockoffs

I don’t know how it’s interfacing with the LCD, but it’s possible that line/s on the ribbon have tore (?) and could possibly be restored, I suppose even if you did get it working you’d want to replace it anyway… atleast if it’s anywhere near as bad as the Gamegear LCD was :slight_smile:

I suppose you have two options for replacement of the LCD, getting either a small LCD with an integrated controller for RGB-AV (assuming this handheld version has RGB signals generated) or using the lower quality composite signal, and then hoping you can get it all to fit, or going with an LCD modkit which has been designed specifically around this console - that’s the part I can’t help with, I’d probably check other peoples reviews/vids on this subject to see if/what is avalable or best.

Anyway good luck with it and keep us updated on your progress as I’d be interested to see how it goes :+1: