Need advice on short-like readings

Hello everyone, new guy here, fixing my first Switch. Learned as much as I can, but still a little confused.

2018 Switch, on arrival no signs of life, broken USB but managed to read 0.4A. Took off the faulty USB port and PI3USB (shorts all around it), I still have some weird short-like resistance readouts here and there. Not direct 0.0 to ground but:

  • 40-50 ohms all around both MAX77621,
  • one cap north of M92T36, with 0.0 on one side and around 6 Ohm on the other.

Should I be worried about those? Ordered new PI3USB and the UBB-C port for now.


THIS is diode reading on M92t area. Thanks to @Calvin

Prob a bad m92 chip too. I would remove that too and see if shorts clear up

Thank you both. I learnt a few things today:

  • I am more of a dummy than I thought,
  • The parts around the DC-DC chips are not caps, but coils and (probably) resistors,
  • The part above the M92 (on jkyoho’s image it’s in the middle just by the top edge of the pic) is probably a resistor of 6 Ohm between ground and one of the legs of the chip. I do not fully understand that but oh well,
  • Switch will boot without PI3USB chip! It obviously won’t dock (especially without the USB-C port, duh), but it’ll work handheld no problem. Not sure about charging the battery, since I have no port til Wednesday.

Thanks again for your interest jkyoho and Integ209!

I think you mention the caps in the yellow square. The close to M92t side(bottom side) should have the reading in picture shown(diode reading i.e 0.363 on multimeter which 363 on picture)
if you have them low resistance reading, most case m92t need to replace

I can’t upload a picture yet, but I was referencing the component to the left of the M92T on your pic, above the 3 caps circled in yellow.

I mistook it for a cap, but now I think this is a resistor.

Yes those 3 are linked to the m92, top of m92 is right. Left of jkyoho pic, pretty much all the resistor around are link to a pin on the m92. I had several boards with one ir two shorted there, 95% of the time is the m92. Lift that chip n aee if short clears. Fyi if this is your first m92 removal. That chip is a little stubborn n requires more heat n time

Guys, maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I removed the PI3 and the console boots, works and charges. :slight_smile: So now waiting for a new PI3 to come in the mail to make it dock again. Thanks for your interest though!

Short still present above m92? If still there you will have an issue. If gone then you are good, but from experience i dont think the short above the m92 is pi chip related, maybe im wrong

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Thanks for the suggestions. The PI3 should come in today, and I’ll double check the caps and components around the M92 as well.