Need alternet point please

I ripped the pad off of the 150r 50w 0201volume + resister pad. since there is no trace I can’t map it out. If anyone could map it out please and thank you. I can’t post a picture yet.

My switch will also boot to a black screen. I can inject a payload as well but it still boots to a black screen. I am sure that this broken pad isn’t the problem but I would still like to fix it.

Thank you for your time.

Hi Janus and welcome!

I have some questions about the “boot to a black screen issue”:

  1. have you check the LCD connector, maybe there is some broken pins? ( had exact same problem and the connector was damaged).
  2. Does the backlight turn on when you inject a payload?

I tired a new LCD screen last night. The backlight comes on when the switch is on, it will then turn off like the Nintendo logo shows up then turns off then back on again. Still showing a black screen every time. When I inject the payload and hold the + volume button the backlight dose not come on.

messing around I mad matters worse now the black light doesn’t come on at all. For some reason now the payload will always inject when connecting it to my pc. Doubt anyone will beable to repair this console.

You tried a new screen but did you check the pins on the connector as i mentioned? please take a look with a microscope if you have one.

For the volume+ 150r:
the left pad goes to the bottom pin of the power/volume flex socket
the right pad goes to horizontal right side resistor left pad,or the test point on the right(2 test point in between 150r resistor and the other resistor).

@jkyoho Thank you so much.

I have some continuity now around the 3 phase buck regulator. Console will not boot and a black screen with no black-light. I post a picture but I still can’t.