Need Help Diagnosing Power Issue on Nintendo Switch

I bought a Nintendo Switch on eBay that doesn’t power on.

I have tested it with the USB tester that Steve uses.
It shows .4 amps on the tester, but shows no charging icon on the screen.
I took it apart and there is no liquid damage or corrosion.
I tested the chips and fuses with around the charging plug with multimeter and there doesn’t seem to be any shorts.

I have also replaced the battery with a known good battery, but nothing changed with the new battery.

I have also left it plugged in for over 24 hours with no change.

What can or should I check or replace next?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Unfortunately, most of them that I come across that have this issue have not been fixable for me. When they slow charge but don’t show any display and never go to fast charging it’s usually caused by a faulty CPU

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Thanks for the reply.

So all the parts of this switch could be good and reusable except the motherboard?


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Most likely, yes but no way for me to be sure.

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Hey there,
If you’ve got one lying around, try replacing the M92T36. I’ve had some cases where that helped in exactly the situation you described. But as @trinicsfix said, most of those are a lot harder to fix, if fixable at all.

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