Need help finding this part

Customer brought in switch to get the usb port replaced. After replacing it I noticed that no backlight was coming on. Inspected the board and found this chip cracked. The letters and numbers on top look like 4ALJ 928. Any help is appreciated. Dows anyone know how i can post pictures? It keeps saying i cant embed media but i have no other way of showing what chip im talking about.

Not sure what it is yet, just found your pics else where :smiley:

Thanks! Yea, I posted somewhere else too that let me add pictures. Thanks for adding them for me.

It’s a MAX8969

Spent a long time figuring this out few months back


Thank you very much! Would you happen to know which one, out of these, would be the correct one to order?

Any would be fine they’re all the same afaik, I believe the difference in trailing end on the part number is just indicating the reel/manufacture type :+1:

btw you may want to pick up the backlight IC also (tps61163a) just incase

As, while I reversed the pinout to figure out the MAX8969 identity, and in the process I don’t recall it being related to backlight, though I suppose it’s possible (may be supplying backlight IC), Mariko is slightly different to original rev switch boards after all.

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Replaced the chip and the lcd now works. But now I’m running into a different issue. The switch powers on but switches from .497 amps to .096 amps when powered on. M92 chip replaced. Bq chip replaced and p13 chip replaced. Any ideas?

Which one did you replace the max or the backlight-ic?
Just started to have an issue in the same area (the silver part next to the ic getting quite hot) and just started a thread for it a few minutes ago.

I replaced the max 8969

I’d check the fuel gauge is behaving itself, if you turn the console on and see what the OS reports as a percentage, note the reading, power off the console - wait a few seconds and power it back on, if the battery percentage is not within 1% of your previously noted reading then the fuel gauge is probably bad.

That might not be the problem but assuming M92 and BQ are good and properly installed that’s all I can think of atm

I replaced the fuel gauge and it charges up to 60% now, at .096a, but doesn’t seem to go past that. All chips are brand new and have been installed correctly. I can add pictures later if requested.

and it stays at 60% when powering off and back on?

With the battery disconnected from the board what voltage do you measure on it?

Yes, it stays at 60% when powered fully off and back on.

Without the battery plugged in it drops to .020 amps. Voltage is at 5.32

If that’s battery voltage even open circuit, that sounds too high to me and may indicate over charge.

Do you have another battery to test?

As far as I remember the fuel gauge tracks battery voltage, and in turn BQ should not allow greater than about 4.2V (in circuit) provided to the battery so maybe you’ve got unlucky with the Fuel gauge you put on and it’s not correctly reporting key stats or maybe the BQ IC is at fault

Wasn’t battery voltage. Charging voltage. The customer ended up picking up the switch accepting that it’s going to charge really slow. Guess that’s what’s going to happen when you damage the usb c port to the point where a couple of the pins are laying across all the others. Thanks for your help though!