Need help fixing PS4 for a friend

Hello, I recently started fixing an old PS4 of my friends brothers that had been sitting in his closet for a year. This is my first time repairing a PS4. The problem is that when I start games on the PS4 they load really slowly and eventually freeze. the game works fine on my own ps4. At first I assumed the problem was with the hard drive so I took a hard drive from an old laptop and put it in the PS4, the problem still persist. I took it apart and the disk drive and fan both seem fine, I’m stumped on what the issue could be. Any suggestions?

Probably the old hard drive is not good enough, it happened to me once…

Probably, I actually got a new hard drive in the mail today for something else so I’ll test it out lol


It’s the hdd mate look up ps4 hard drive on ebay your best bet is to get the 2tb made by samsung

I put the new hard drive in it works fine now thanks lol


That’s good to know mate

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