Need help identifying capacitor near switch v2 (mariko/hac-cpu-20) ram

hello, first post so sorry if done wrong, received 2 nintendo switches yesterday for repair (v2 and lite,lite is on another thread)

according to the owner, the v2 had a modchip installed but after the install the switch gives a blue screen on boot, i opened it, removed the modchip and tried to boot, same result, after checking every component on the board i found out the owner/person who did the modchip snipped a capacitor near the lower ram while cutting the metal (larger one,will attach photo later) and one above the nvidia chip (sp1),

does anyone have the value for each of them so i can replace them and see if it boots?

also, tried putting the faulty’s v2 emmc on an working v2 and viceversa, doesn’t give image(black screen,wont boot) on neither of them, only works with original emmc