Need help identifying missing parts on motherboard


I (knowingly) purchased a non-functional Switch on eBay. The device I received had the original M92T36 already removed and came with a replacement chip.
I managed to put in the chip but the device does not power on. My USB tool indicates 5.1 V, but no current (0.0 A) measured on the charging cable.
On closer inspection and comparison with stock photos of the motherboard I discovered that the previous owner seems to have “lost” several components in the area around the M92T36. As they are missing I have no way of measuring, and I’m really no expert in electronics so I have no clue what parts I need to order.

If anyone can tell me what the missing parts are, or point me to an online source, that would be awesome! I have marked the 3 missing parts on a stock photo:

See imgur at /a/gI2wPb3 (unfortunately I can’t post photos or links directly yet)

I’m not sure if hardware revisions matter in this case. The device says “HAC-001” on the back. The mainboard has “2 -1” on the top and “HAC-CPU-10” on the bottom (both front side). Manufacturing date is 2017-08-21.

Thanks so much!

1: ?
2: 4.7 µF 0402 16 V MLCC
3: ?