Need help IDng a capacitor on HAD-CPU-01 board

Hello. My 6 year old finally showed interest in my switch. Anyway, he wanted to “clean” the screen and got the system wet. Screen went out and fan was running at full speed. After forcing it off I let it dry. Today I opened it up and aside from a few drops of dried liquid, I found what looks like a blown cap.

I would like to try and replace it but have no idea what specs it is. It appears to be on the underside of the memory.

I cannot embed an image as I am a new user but any direction where i can get more info or if i can send an image through a direct message

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

We are going to need that picture on way or another… do you have somewhere else you can upload it for now?

upload a picture somewhere and paste the link ,with space or what not.
Hard to offer help by imagination

Keeps telling me i cant post links.

ibb dot co forwardslash mFFCL1N
Ibb dot co forwardslash DRXgF7D

See of these work. Close up and overall location.

I’m not too knowledgeable on this topic but it measures roughly 2.5mm tall by 2.0mm wide. Doesn’t really conform to standard sizes.

That’s a Coil not capacitor, and it’s for the backlight

I guess the first thing to do it clean up the corrosion (in all areas) with some IPA and see what damage there is underneath.
You can then start measuring things. The coil in question should have continuity through it, so start there, but it could have blown the backlight IC next to it.

After cleaning it it looks surprisingly intact. I will see what it’s like underneath and try measuring later tonight. Thank you.