Need help please!

I am trying to repair a ps4 1116a. My issue that I have is, when I try to install system software, it gives me code su-42118-6 and I lose all function to the disc drive and it freezes with the blue light flashing. I also can no longer use my ds4. The only way to turn it off is unplug. The disc drive seems to be working. It turns on the ps4 when I insert a disc and the disc spins up. I can even eject but it will not install the software. I also tried new hdd, power supply. Is there anything I can check? As far as I can tell all fuses are good also

That model should read 1115a

Did this start after a software update, and you’ve been trying to restore? I know the 7.5 update effed up a lot of systems. Some people have had success going into safe mode, rebuilding the database, and then uploading an older software version.

The current software that is stored on the motherboard is 5.xx. I did find the data cable has a bad pin, so I’m waiting for a cable to show up to try that but what I find strange is that the disc drive seems to work just fine. It was working prior to me initializing the system but now that I’ve done this, I can’t access the interface so its currently a brick.

The actual story is that I’ve replace the motherboard and daughterboard as the daughterboard was water damaged. So I truly don’t know the history of this new motherboard but all signs point to it being a functional pair.

The reason why the system software will not install is because the hardware is reading a fault in the blu-ray drive and will not let you install the update until the disc drive is fixed so run a test on the disc drive to make sure everything is in working order and properly secure… also there has been a lot of issues with the new software update crashing consoles… try canceling the system software update when powering on your ps4 from the download section, then go into your settings and manually search for the update and install it from there…hope this helps

I’m not able to access the main menu of the ps4. I can start in safe mode but thats the best I get. The disc drive was reading discs just fine prior to installing a new hdd so I would have to think nothing has changed there. Still waiting for a new data cable to arrive

Have you performed initialization on the system during safe mode after the replacement?

Yes, I get the same result and after the update fails the disc drive is unresponsive. I have to remove power then unplug the data cable to the disc drive

I have replaced the disc drive and the data cable and still get the same error when trying to update. The whole system freezes after I get the code. I’m not able to turn the system off, connect a ds4, or press any of the buttons. It just runs and the blue light flashes. I have to physically remove the power cable. Any advice would be very helpful. I have a doner board that I can remove parts from if that is what I need to do. I also have the tools to do it

Have you tried replacing the HDD (Hard Drive)?