Need help repearing the Nintendo Switch - Two capacitors missing

Hi everyone,

I need some help with repairing my Nintendo Switch V1. I accidentally ripped off two capacitors from the motherboard and lost them. They are located next to the CPU.

I don’t know the capacitance or metric of these capacitors, neither the Voltage that goes through them, and I can’t find any schematics online. Does anyone have any idea what they are, or where I can get replacements? I would really appreciate any advice or guidance.

(For some reason I’m not able to upload any image or a link to it so I’ll try to draw it in ASCII Hope that helps)

The capacitors (x) are just at the left side of the CPU metal case

::::: ____ | :::::::::::: |
:::: | :::::::::::::::::::::: |
xx |CPU CASE :::: |
:::: | _____ ::::::::::: |
:::::::::::::: | ______ |

Thank you very much!

Those are the capacitors!