Need help to identify components

Hi, I’m new here and I’m from Italy, I bought a broken Nintendo switch but unfortunately is missing some components.

The motherboard is HAC-CPU-01

I think one capacitor it’s missing and also at least 7 resistor. Can anyone give me the value of this components?
They are near the BQ Chip.
Can you give me also some suggest about how to solder them on, they are very tiny.

Thank you very much!

maybe that picture could help a bit.

Thank you, is it for HAC-CPU-01?

Do you know the code of the little component above capacitor 587?

The readings are from a HAC-CPU-10. But i should still match.
I m not sure about the little component at .587. My readings without the little cap is 1µF lower than with the cap. So it should be 1µF. But I don t know why there is that cap at all. Doe to the bq datasheet the PMID is connected to SGND threw an 10µF cap.

Thank you!

I’ve found this on the forum

There is a 14 K Resistor, do you think is it a mistake and it’s correct a 10 K one?

Like it is discribed “Attention the values in the pictures are measured in ciruit…”
If I measure the “14k” in ciruit they are at my boards around 70k.

I desoldered the components for my measuring. And if I made no mistake during note them down, they should aprox fit. So the “14k” should be a 100k resistor.

Thank you very much!

please , i need schematic diagram nintendo switch

Do you have any information for the components around the lock button or fan connectors . Or do you have full images of the board like the one in this post?

hi sir I need Nintendo openboardview

sir can give me openboardview nintendo

hello!! sorry for the bother, I have a v1 switch motherboard, it is missing a capacitor and a fuse just above the charging port, I have another board and they are not on this one either, the question is, could you tell me where I can find them on this motherboard with the same voltage?

The missing cap should be a 25V 0805 10µF for input up to 15V. Other 0804 caps for example besides the bq24193 with the same capacity only need a 6V rating. So my guess is the big cap close to the usb c connector is unique on the board.
Same with the fuse.

I can find them for example, in a ps4 fat board? I no idea to identify with the tester i can find them maybe in a bd rom board?