Need HELP troubleshooting solid Blue screen Nintendo Switch BSOD

I recently got a switch which did not turn on (blu screen and could not do anything). It draws 15v so battery is charging as normal. I opened it, it’s never been touched by anyone, rose old thermal paste still there and foam attached to the heat sync. On microscope I did not see any sign of corrosion or any particular damaged components, only dust. Completely cleaned the board with isopropyl alcohol and give a try with no luck. I cannot exclude that this consol had not being dropped to the ground since it has a sing on external enclosure. Anyway detaching the eMMC screen did not light up and enter in RCM mode ( I can see APX in playload software).

Any suggestion where and how to check? I can take al measures needed and change components. Just need to be guided trought it. Thanks!

I can use playload biskeydumb, it display image whit extracted keys and QR core

Unfortunately, i’m not able to launch hekate, screen stay balck

memloader payloadresults stucks in:
error is MTC_LOAD Error during Lzma decompression, got 0 instead of 429…ecc

Did you try to Hard press on the soc when booting. This could be a hint for a connection error because of a drop.

Hard press does not make any changes in any of soc, rams or emmc. I attemped carefoully two reflow… Unfortunately no changes at all. I reflowed both ram first, then APU. I reached the melting point for sure, chip was moving. I reflowed also emmc, no luck. Anything else to try?

In my case with the ‘lzma decompression’ error on of the ram ics were defect. After replacing both, the issue was solved.

Calvin, you probably right! Indeed I’ve just pressed very hard ram module close to the usb-c connector and voilà, normal boot! I’ve reflowed twice this ram, but it did’t solve so I guess it’s time to replace it. I hope that there is no bad trace under it. Some advise where I can find this replacement?

I have some Switches for parts, so I took the ram chips from one of the boards. In my case the moduls are Samsung K4F6E304HBMGCH.

This is mine. How I can tell manufacter? Number seems the same as yours!

Samsung is the manufacter.

I you want to sell it I’ll be happy yo buy

There is any possibility that problem is not actually the ram but other things that get indireclty pressend? Maybe in the other side of the board?

It is possible that the issue have another cause. I can only talk from my experience, where I had a Switch with the ‘lzma decompression’ error which I solved by replacing the ram ics.

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I think that it’s worth give a try replacing those IC. It’s my email

If I sent them to you the shipping will cost at least 14€. It is not possible anymore to sent items in a europe-letter.

Here you can order them: Page Not Found -