Need help with maddening Xbox Series 1 Elite Controller

Hello, I’m fairly new to repairs (less than a year) and recently purchased a broken Series 1 controller to fix and customize for my son. I painted the outer shells, triggers, and bumpers. I damaged the main board beyond repair, so instead of buying a new board, I bought 5 untested Elite controllers.

All 5 controllers worked fine in an initial test on my PC. They just have various issues like missing bumpers and rubber coming off the handles.

I swapped the insides out and put it back together. I plugged it into the PC to test it out and the power button lit up, but the controller was no longer recognized in the program. It also started to get very hot under the left joystick. I was perplexed by this.

I swapped the insides with another controller and again, the power button lit up, but the PC didn’t recognize it. It didn’t get hot this time though. I tried a different cable with the same result. I plugged it into the Xbox, same issue. I tried foregoing the USB and using new batteries instead, but it won’t even power on with batteries.

The only thing I can think of is maybe I’m not putting the ribbon cable back in correctly. It doesn’t seem to want to go in very far, but after I press the tab down and tug on it a little, it doesn’t come out. I even swapped out the ribbon cable and back circuit board to no avail.

I know I have to be doing something wrong since they were working before I took them apart. I just can’t figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. I’m going crazy trying to figure this out.

I’d start checking for shorts on the board. Probably a bad cap or resistor…I think there might be a couple fuses on there as well…I’d have to go look. Did you swap out both boards or just one? The ribbon cable afaik is only responsible for powering the paddles. You could check for continuity on the ribbon cable to make sure it is good.

Thank you for your reply. I swapped out both boards each time. I will start checking on those things to see if anything comes up amiss. I appreciate your help!