Need Info on this shorted capacitors V2(HELP)

I have a version 2 motherboard which two capacitors on the back is shorted on both sides. (Encircled in the sample image)

already tried to sort it out by removing, M9t236, P13, Bq24193 ic. ALC Realtek chip. already tried to removed both capacitors and short circuit is still there. wondering if anyone knows. what rail or chip is likely causing it??

my guess is one of the ram or maybe some of those tiny BGA chips.

any kind of help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

The power for the ram modules is generated at the max77620A ic (big square above the red markings).

And close to the ram modules under the shield are two/three little caps…

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Thank you @Calvin so is it safe to assume that this max77620A ic is the culprit?

It could be a cap down the line, a ram module, the max77620A or something else on the line, which short it to ground.

The coil (the component with the both red markings left under the max ic) is the connection between the shorted line and the max ic. If removed you can figure out on which side the short belongs.

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Update: hi @Calvin just tried to remove the inductor coil below the Max77620A ic… but short still there.

Update: removing max77620a ic doesnt fix it either…

Removing the max ic was not necessary, if the coil is removed and the short is only on the lower pad from the coil.
Did you inspect visualy the caps for damage or decoloration?

Hello, i know for sure that some bigger caps under the ram and few others under the Soc have a low ohm reading, it’s not an issue.Take a measurement in resistance mode and let me know your readings.

sorry for the late update on this… already desolder each capacitors that is shorting to ground… but still no success, short on still there… could it be possible that one the Ram causing the short?