Need name of the square metal piece in front of APU

What is the name of that metal chip surrounded by the S-shaped metal in front of the APU?
Is it possible for me to take one of those from a spare parts PS4 and use it in another PS4? Or are these thing console specific?

(Im talking about the square metal piece itself not the metal piece connecting it)

First thing first, what type your PS4? is it fat, slim,or pro?
And now i see you are a new member so i think it’s impossible to upload the image or insert the link, so could you give me a link to your posted picture?
On that note while you give me the link please tweak a bit the link like instead go for www(dot)google(dot)com. For new user facility like upload image and insert link is still locked.

Honestly with this much clue i can’t help you any further

My console is a PS4 Slim and I couldn’t find a pic of it online exactly since I dont know the name. But I did ask on Reddit and no one wanted to tell me anything.


So according to this link which photo is your motherboard?

It’s not on that website but the thing on my motherboard says

This one?

I dont think so, while it might have the same number, I dont remember seeing those red caps or the top clips being so high up like that.
I just want to know what the name of that piece I took the pic on Reddit is called and if it’s console specific

hehe you mean the clamp, you can find it as apu clamp

I also wanna know if it’s a piece that can be used from one console to another as a replacement part and if it’s an absolutely necessary part to have in my PS4 Slim for it to run

yes, you can use one from another ps4, and also it’s absolutly necessesary …!! it keeps pressure over apu unit…