Need the capacitor near daughterboard flex connector on mainboard

(got my info from this post) tronicsfixforum/t/capacitor-near-29-pin-fpc-connector/5367/11

Hey, I know the capacitance and voltage required for this ceramic cap but not sure of the physical measurements. Could anyone help here? Possibly link a source for it on digikey?? Thanks :slight_smile:

0201 package size, just filter on digikey easy enough.

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thanks a lot! having trouble finding an 1100pf/1.1nf 25v 0201 cap, are these capacitance measurements suggested by that post correct? if so i’ll keep looking around.

sorry, misread at the start. Double check me on this, but id imagine, at that value, you would be ok with either a 1000pf or 1200pf cap

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Found a link for it?