New 3DS LL no sound from speakers + corrosion


I bought a New 3DS LL with no sound from speakers, seller never told me she obviously water damaged.

I found a lot or corrosion on differents spots, cleaned both sides or the motherboard with isopropanol, brush and wooden picks. The jack port is ok, tested with software he detect headphones and switch to disconnected state successfully.

Still no sound after reassembly. Can you point me in some direction to the audio amplifier on the motherboard, testing some capacitor / resistor ?

On the picture, the red part have most of the corrosion on A side, the yellow both sides.

The device work ok beside that point, audio working fine with headphones.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regards .

Édit : can’t post a picture, I will try from computer.


Some progress, at least I think. Found a shorted capacitor on B side of the motherboard. Can’t post pics yeat :frowning:

It’s located near the 85MK9A9A chip.

Really don’t know if it’s related to the sound.

Keep searching.

Sorry for double posting.

The shorted capacitor is in fact an inductor… Nothing wrong, I keep searching for the audio problem.

Best regards.