New 3DS XL Touch Screen and Home button not responsive after reassemble

I disassembled a New 3DS XL to replace a damaged charging port with a new one. On reassemble the grey ribbon cable for the touch pad stripped entirely (previous damage possible?) so I replaced the touch pad with a functioning one from another 3DS XL.

After fully reassembling, the DS works great except that the touch pad will not respond at all to any input, and the Home button does not work. I have disassembled and reassembled several times to try to fix it.

Fixes I have attempted:

  1. Cleaning all dirt and dust from all buttons and touchpad from the inside out, to ensure nothing is registering a touch that is incapacitating the touch pad.

  2. Putting stack of paper on top of the zif connectors for the Home button and the touch pad register

  3. Putting a slip of paper UNDER the ribbon cable into the zif connector to ensure that the ribbon cable is pressing against the underside of the zif connector.

  4. With each of these attempted fixes, I have also tried to recalibrate the touch pad using restart with L+R+X, it does not register any touches in recalibration mode.

The touch pad absolutely worked on the previous New 3DS XL it was in, there is no damage to this cable. For the Home button, I even tried swapping the cable and board from the donor 3DS to ensure there was nothing wrong with the original Home ribbon and board, with no results.

All other buttons work fine, top screen works fine, new charging port works fine. I have played a 3DS game and besides the touch screen and home button, all inputs are registering with no problems whatsoever.

What are my next steps?