“New” 3DS XL won’t turn on. Only blue light comes on. 3DS isn’t hacked

So recently I tried turning on my “New” 3DS XL and for some reason it doesn’t want to turn on. The little blue power light turns on and that’s it. I don’t hear any sound or any clicking noise. Also the 3DS is not hacked

New”3Ds” xl won’t turn on the blue turns on and screen does not turn on you can hear a crackling sound

I have the same problem, and I think the problem comes from the speaker. When a 3DS component isn’t properly working, the 3ds refuses to boot. So, if you can’t hear the clicking sound, it may be that the speaker, which is a crucial part needed for the 3ds to boot, can be damaged or not working properly. Try to check it or replace it with another.