New 3DS XL wont turn on


I just bought New 3DS XL. It was working, except home button. I opened console to take a look at it, connector seemed loose and it worked when i pressed on it. I didnt want to bother with it at this moment so i put console back together.

I put in game, but didnt have spare sd card so left it as is for now (just turned it off via button and didnt follow clicking home button instructions because its not working).

Next day it stopped turning on showing only blue light (blue light doesnt come off on its own and console doesnt make any sound so i dont think thats any ribbon issue). I’ve seen hacks with trying to take off sd card and put it back together but it didnt help. I’ve also seen that it can be issue with wifi card but i think in this situation wifi card is suited onto motherboard with no option to disconnecting it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Console ocassionally turns on but its impossible to verify what causes issue. I also noticed battery has expanded but still has 3.8V so i doubt thats the issue which wouldnt let it boot.